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Managing Your Events

You can add a calendar of events to keep readers informed of your appearances and other events.

Adding Events

You can enter both in-person and virtual events.

  1. Click add event.
  2. In the window that opens:
    • For an in-person event, enter a description of the event and the full venue address in the appropriate fields.
    • For a virtual event, enter N/A in the "Venue Name" and "Address" fields, and enter the URL or details of the event in the "Description" field.
  3. Select a book for the event and provide the date and time.
  4. Click Save event.

After you've created an event, it will be displayed in the Scheduled Events section. You can also edit existing events or delete them by clicking the Edit or Delete link after each event.

Editing Event Information

To edit the details of an event, click the pen icon next to the event, and then edit the information.

Removing an Event

To remove an event, click the bin icon next to the event to be removed.